Decolonising Retail

Apparel retail stores have come in large numbers both from local and around the world and can be found in all shopping centres around South Africa. However, the influence of “Kasi lifestyle” can never be minimized when talking about the country’s ever-expanding fashion industry.

The emergence of brands like Legends, Drip, Bathu, Era and Spelete are some of the brands that have exploded onto the scene and are redefining the traditional fashion lifestyle.

For years this dynamic, bold and creative sector was prevented from participating in the formal shopping centre environment, as the fashion industry is structured in a manner that prevented township creatives from accessing larger platforms because of financial and societal barriers to entry.

To attract this neglected talent and innovation, Pareto sought to support local talent by incorporating township fashion with formal fashion. The National Leasing Manager, Danisa Shetlele said, “There is currently a trend of township retail, and we would like to encourage and support these entrepreneurs. The “decolonizing retail” initiative aims to groom a new pool of retailers who don’t have easy access to the formal retail environment”.

This programme will drive, encourage and inspire retail penetration by South African Designers in a sustainable manner, offering a one of its kind development and support programme that no other Mall in South Africa has ever offered.

The following objectives will be key to this programme:

  • develop business acumen competencies which will directly contribute to a strategic imperative to sustainably introduce more South African brands into our malls.
  • educate and coach prospective South African Design & Fashion retailers on how to succeed as a retailer in a formal mall environment.
  • use the latest Mall marketing, retail and operational tools and techniques prospective and current tenants will be able to establish their brand and offering, create awareness to generate new business and retain loyal customers across all customer touchpoints.