Pareto is an investor in immovable property and operations conducted includes (but is not limited to) property management and property asset management services, of regional and super-regional retail shopping centres.

Our sustainability programme aims to create shareholder value by leveraging on social, environmental and economic opportunities associated with Pareto’s business processes, taking social, ecological and economic risks into account.


Pareto’s commitment is to balance its profit-making activities with activities that benefit society. Our fundamental responsibility, as a company, is to assist in improving the quality of lives of individuals and communities in South Africa in areas in which our shopping centres are located.

Pareto’s Socio-Economic Development programme (SED) focuses on investing in and uplifting communities through education, skills development, sustainable projects, job creation, health awareness, sport development, arts and culture, environmental awareness and improvement.

Some of the SED initiatives, non-profit organisations and projects which have been supported by Pareto in the past include the following:



CSI Projects

BBBEE - Economic Development Programme

The company will continue to promote participation by Black people and small businesses in the property sector, through its business practices and procurement policies. To this end the BBBEE Codes published will be followed as a guideline until such time that the Property Charter, has been gazetted by the Department of Trade and Industry. The principles of Property Charter will then be applied.

Enterprise Development Programme

The enterprise development policy aims to meet and embrace the objectives set out in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 (“the Act”) in accordance with the Property Charter and will enable Pareto to fulfil its commitment to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“BBBEE”).

The objective of this enterprise development policy is to grow sustainable business enterprises in the sector in which Pareto operates that will create jobs and expand the economy. It involves the investment, support, facilitation and fostering of new and existing small and micro-enterprises.

Enterprise development programmes may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Management, business development and technical skills transfer;
  • Technology transfer, the establishment of administrative systems, cost-control systems and infrastructure support;
  • Development of entity credit resources with suppliers;
  • Development of entity financial capacity and financial assistance; and
  • Facilitation of skills transfer and participation in development projects at the various shopping centres through joint ventures.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Must be at least 51% black-owned or 51% black women owned;
  • Must able to provide property or related services;
  • Must provide suitable references and confirmation of an existing contract/appointment;


Lerato Mphahlele and Ayanda Magqaza, Directors of Tasksmiths Consulting

The company will ensure that its operations are such that they promote environmental sustainability in the built environment. The company aims to reduce any possible direct negative environmental impact from the activities conducted at its corporate head office and property investments and to utilise environmental resources sustainably.

Water and energy efficiency plans

The company has embarked on various initiatives at its property investments that seek to reduce energy usage/consumption, in the operation of the property investments. These initiatives necessitate monetary investments to improve the functioning of the buildings, thus ensuring enhanced and efficient usage of plant and machinery to provide lighting, air-conditioning and vertical transportation within the premises. The company will reduce overall water consumption and including water from non-potable water sources.

The energy and water consumption within the property investments will be extensively metered to enable monitoring of usage and accurate reporting of the performance of the building.

Reductions, re-using and recycling of materials and packaging

The company will encourage and give preference to purchasing and using materials that contain a re-used or recycled component and is derived from sustainable extraction within the buildings.
The company will develop strategies operationally that will limit waste and pollution, both in the construction process and in the operation of the building.


Menlyn Reconfiguration Phase 1