Pareto Limited Unveils Pavilion Rooftop Eatery, Elevating Culinary and Lifestyle Experiences for customers

Pareto Limited, the proud owner of Pavilion Shopping Centre in KZN, announced the official launch of the Pavilion Rooftop Eatery on December 14th. This exciting development signals a transformative moment for Pavilion Shopping Centre, as we introduce a dynamic space dedicated to contemporary eateries and captivating outdoor landscapes.
In our commitment to creating an innovative and inviting destination, Pareto Limited has strategically relocated select retailers from the rooftop retail boxes to various locations within the mall. This move not only optimizes the mall’s overall layout but also opens up prime space on the rooftop, providing a fresh canvas for the design and construction of modern eateries.
The Pavilion Rooftop Eatery is envisioned as a multifaceted space, catering to a diverse audience. On the west side of the main dome, families can enjoy a range of family-friendly and lifestyle offerings, while the east side will host semi fine-dining options tailored to young adults and older patrons. This intentional division ensures a comprehensive and appealing array of culinary experiences for all visitors. By combining contemporary design elements with dynamic outdoor landscapes, the Centre will create an iconic lifestyle destination within the area.
Recognising the heightened competition in the retail industry, the Pavilion Rooftop Eatery stands as a strategic response to evolving consumer preferences. Pareto Limited aims to set a new standard for elevated dining and leisure experiences, reinforcing Pavilion shopping Centre’s position as a premier shopping and lifestyle destination.

About Pareto Limited

Pareto Limited is a leading real estate development and management company, dedicated to creating exceptional and transformative retail experiences. As the proud owner of Pavilion Mall, Pareto Limited continues to innovate and elevate the standards of contemporary urban living.