Tyger Valley Market

The Tyger Valley Market concept was born out of the overall Tyger Valley Centre Strategic planning document developed in November 2020.  The Festive Market was first launched as a ‘’trial’’ to support the Non-GLA segment of Marketing in December 2020. The market afforded Tyger Valley the opportunity to offer our customers a unique shopping experience and affordable hand-made products to our consumer without compromising the tenant’s income. The Centre also demonstrated its support to 1280 local entrepreneurs over the period and SMME’s during the current economic hardships.

The Tyger Valley Market is based in the Centre Arena surrounded by our vast food court tenants and offerings, creating an entertainment hub feel to the area.

The market deemed a popular attraction to our customers and a well-supported extra offering to our shoppers, incorporating themes and specific products for recognised days such as Valentine’s Day incorporating theme focused merchandise as well as displaying unique pieces for purchase.  

The Tyger Valley Market proved very successful and therefore the concept expanded on, and the offering kept building a sustainable brand for Tyger Valley Centre. 



The Tyger Valley Market meets two of the Tyger Valley Centre Strategic plans for 2021-2022.

  • Strategic theme: Reimagining space / curating space.

Objective: Increase revenue through different use or reconfiguration of existing space and recreation of new spaces. 

  • Strategic theme: Repositioning value

Objective: To increase footfall and diversify customer base – retaining and retracting new / lost customers from the immediate and surrounding catchment areas.



The Operator of the Market implemented:

  • Designated staff that observe social distancing and sanitize customers at point of entry.
  • POS system implemented and all products barcoded to ensure that seamless shopping commence with very little opportunity to create the perception of ‘’crowding’’ at one given point.
  • Security procured and on-site throughout operating hours
  • Contracted cleaning in place to ensure Centre compliancy by Operator



  • Tyger Valley invested R25k on Festive Décor for the Market
  • Artwork with social media Boosting to the value of R5000
  • Bauble advertising in the revolving doors.
  • Radio scripting / Monthly Radio live reads to create awareness for the Market
  • Entrance signage
  • Artwork was designed specifically to the offering and was advertised across all the different platforms
    • Digital Directory Boards
    • LED Screen
    • Facebook (Tyger Valley Shopping Centre & Tyger Valley Market)
    • Instagram
    • Website
    • WIFI portal and in-mall digital media


Tyger Valley Market Stats from April 2021 – February 2022

Tyger Valley Market Stats

April 2021 – February 2022 period totals:

  • Feet: 157 000 (April 2021 not recorded for)
  • Customers: 43 680
  • Exhibitors / Entrepreneurs: 1280


Inviting and controlled entrances and exits to the Tyger Valley Market:

Overall Market look and feel: